A PEAK INSIDE THE ARK: Helping Children Discover their Possibilities!



In it's twenty three year history, Good Samaritan Foundation's Golf Classic has raised over $580,000 for Children's Therapy Unit (CTU)! This unique, ark-shaped building houses inspiring miracles every day. From the young boy in the feeding group who can finally taste and enjoy solid foods to the toddler who received a customized leg brace to the child who can experience the thrill of riding a bike through assistive technology, CTU is dedicated to helping helping each child become as functional and independent as possible.
CTU is a place where kids can be kids.

Noah CAN crawl.

Ana CAN walk with
both heels on the floor.

Milo CAN interact
with his family.

Unfortunately, many of our CTU families' insurance doesn't cover all the therapy their child needs. The Golf Classic's goal is to raise funds to support this gap, to ensure that every kid has the opportunity to discover their possiblities with the highest level of care, despite what their insurance covers. 






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