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  2013 Golf Classic Activities     
Hole Activity/Contest/Vendor Instructions Giveaway
Putting Green Putting contest (Players Card) Putting contest will open at 11am and remain open throughout the tournament. While waiting to tee off hole#1. Remember to visit the practice putting green.  
#1 (par 5) Play War Play War. Win 2 out of 3 and win a prize!  
#2 (par 3) Go Girl Energy Drink   Sponsored by Go Girl
#3 (par 4) Red Canoe   Red Canoe Treats
#4 (par 4) Korum for Kids Hole    
#5 (par 5) Longest Drive (Players Card) The first group assigned to this hole will begin the contest by marking their longest drive with the marker provided. Write the name of the golfer who hit the longest drive on the marker and place it in the ground at the exact location of the drive. The remaining players will only move the marker if their tee shot goes beyond the initial mark. Should this occur, the new leader will add their name to the marker and move the marker to the location of their golf ball. At the end of the play, the golfer who has hit the longest drive wins.  
#6 (par 4) Marshmallow Chipping    
#7 (par 4) Casino Trivia    
#8 (par3) Hole in One (Players Card) Hit a Hole in one and win a Nissan Leaf from Korum Nissan  
#9 (par 4) Roll the Fuzzy Dice Present your $10 ticket purchased at registration to participate. You get one roll of the dice to advance your ball at any point during the drive. Add a zero to the end of the roll. For example, if you roll a six, you can advance your ball 60 yards.   
#10 (par 5) Taco Time   Taco's and Mexi Fries
#11 (par 3) Blackjack Beat the dealer and win a prize!  
#12 (par 4) CTU Kids     
#13 (par 3) Barnard Howard Consulting   Hats
#14 (par 4) "Lucky 13" Toss (Players Card) Try your hand at the "Lucky 13" toss. You can pick up your ball and toss it instead of using your club anytime during your drive.   
#15 (par 4) Photo  Photo time with your foursome!  
#16 (par 4) Most accurate drive (Players Card) Accuracy is the key on this hole. Hit your tee shot as close to the white line drawn straight down the middle of the fairway.  
#17 (par 4) CTU Kids   Golf Ball
#18 (par 5) John Daly Drive  Present your $40 ticket purchased at registration to participate.  



Please check back often for updates on this year's activities and prizes!
Make sure to purchase your Player's Card so you can participate in the contests and prizes!




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